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Top Tips for When to Fold

Knowing when to fold is vital to your long-term poker success and players who accept that folding is often the best option when they don’t have a strong hand will win more money in the end. The top women poker players have mastered the art of when to fold and know that admitting defeat early on is often far better than trying to represent a stronger hand and failing. Beginners will fast lear... »

Top Tournament Wins of the Week

After the excitement of EPT 9 in London died down, there suddenly emerged a flood of winners from tournaments across the globe. Online and live tournaments are great learning platforms for new players and anyone who is taking up womens beginner poker can learn a lot from watching the pros. Let’s take a look at the big winners this week and see who had the strongest hands and best skills. Thi... »

Big Winners and Birthday Celebrations

The Women’s Sunday has done a lot for womens poker online and this week saw the celebration of the tournament’s second birthday. It was a rather different affair to the candles and cake usually enjoyed by two year olds as Pokerstars pulled out all the stops, including a $20,000 guarantee and $100 bounty to every Red Spade. 641 players took part and top names such as Liv Boeree and Adri... »

The Rise of Women in Poker

There’s been a marked increase in the last few years of woman bluffing their way to the top and making a noise in the poker community. It was previously a man’s domain, but ladies are now becoming more interested in poker and are taking the tables by storm. Many establishments have noted the rise in the number of woman players and Ladies Only poker tournaments with high-roller prizes a... »

Women in Poker | Winning All the Way

EPT 9 in London has been dominating the news for the last two weeks and with the final tables wrapping up this weekend the excitement in the air is almost tangible. There have been some big wins in the main tournaments and the ladies have been holding their own against the men to give them a serious run for their money. Let’s take a look at some of the female poker pros who have done well in... »

As A New Poker Player Can I Win?

With the help of Poker Pin-ups, beginners guide to poker for women, the answer is a big YES! The fact that there are so many new poker players joining the various online poker rooms such as bet365 is a good thing for you as we will aim to give you a slight edge with our own personal experiences from spending a lot of time playing poker online. The amount of newbies means there are plenty of opport... »