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News from the Female Poker Players of the Week

    Female Poker Pros Giving It Their All This week the news has been filled with the EPT 9 Berlin winners and female poker online has taken a back seat to the live games that are currently monopolising newsfeeds all over the internet. Players and fans have watched some seriously tense games and there have been some big winners emerging from the final tables. The MPC Red Dragon is curren... »

Poker News of the Week from EPT Berlin and More

    Top Tournament Winners from EPT Berlin The focus this week falls heavily on the Season 9 EPT Berlin events, with many players having won big over the last few days. There has been a terrific turnout from both men and women poker pros at the tables and several players have walked away a lot wealthier than they were before. EPT Berlin. The EPT Berlin Main Event was gruelling but once t... »

Winners, Losers and Perfect Poker Hand Rankings

    Women Poker Players and their Top Poker Hand Rankings! The current focus is all on the EPT 9, which is currently taking place in Berlin. There are several ladies who have represented the fairer sex in the tournament, giving the men something to worry about and making them keep their eye on the competition and off any cleavage that might be on view! Poker Hand Rankings. Kathrine Weir ... »

Ladies Poker Results and More Poker News of The Week

    This Week’s Poker News: Ladies Poker, Online and Live Results… EPT 9 Berlin is well under way and the  5,300 buy-in Main Event is in full swing. Giving ladies poker online and live a bit of a PR boost is Liv Boeree, who is still going strong in a field of 136. EPT 9 will dominate the news next week, but let’s look at some other recent big winners. Also in Berlin, th... »

Women Poker Strategy: Up Your Game by Adding Competitive Edge

    Online Poker Levels the Playing Field for Women Poker Poker is arguably the most intense, skilful and rewarding card game played today. But to many women poker is off limits, not because the game is too difficult or aggressive, but because it is dominated by men. Equality In casinos around the world, women have struggled to shatter poker’s glass ceiling. No woman, for instance,... »

Latest Poker News: Big Winners and Strong Hands

    Latest Poker News brought to you weekly from PokerPinups The latest poker news has been dominated by Daniel Negreanu taking his fifth WSOP bracelet at the WSOP APAC. And with other big winners from the tournament making headlines, there wasn’t much time to catch up on much else. Read about the big winners of the week here. And ladies, if you feel inspired try your hand at women... »

Poker News: WSOP APAC Roundup and Other Big Winners This Week

Poker News Update World Series of Poker Asia-Pacific (APAC) news has been dominating the poker news headlines this week, with several popular players taking home big prizes. This live tournament is now in full swing and if you are feeling inspired you can play poker online to get your own taste of the magic. In other poker news, Germany’s Phillip Gruissem was the winner of the WSOP APAC $50,... »

Play poker online and one day you could be taking on these top women poker players!

play poker online   Play Poker Online: Women Winners Hit the Big Time! Female players are becoming a formidable force and men are watching their backs as more and more women are winning big when they play poker online or compete live. This week saw three women hit the big time with career-boosting results. Play poker online. Giorgia Tabet is famous for her typical Italian temperament and she ... »

How to Play Poker: When to go All-in

How to Play Poker: Does Fortune Favour the Brave or the Stupid? When people learn how to play poker online, which is somewhat different from learning in real-world clubs and casinos, they often attempt to emulate the professionals. Televised games from the World Series of Poker (WSOP) and European Poker Tour (EPT) are popular among viewers in the UK, which is home to many thousands of amateur play... »

The WSOP and More Poker Winners of the Week

    Big Poker Winners This week has been all about big poker winners at World Series of Poker events. Far from the pages of a poker beginners guide, the games have been fast-paced and skilful, showcasing the professionalism and practice that earns the pros big rewards. Poker winners. Aaron Lim made history this week, becoming the first Australian to win a WSOP bracelet in Melbourne. Winn... »

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