Bluffing Your Way to a Better Poker Strategy

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​It has long been hotly debated as to whether Texas poker is a game of skill or a game of luck. After years of debate and intensive studies, it’s becoming more recognised that poker is indeed a game of skill and that although luck may play a part, it’s a player’s technique and strategy that will make them a winner in the end.

Economist, statistician and poker player Randal Heeb proved that whilst luck determines which cards are dealt, skill will play the bigger role in a player’s success. A good Texas poker player will know how to minimise their losses in a bad streak and maximise their winning potential in a good one, making skill a vitally important component of their game. Although there is an element of luck to poker, players who have practiced a lot and use a good strategy have the ability to fare better than anyone who is relying purely on luck to win.

When learning how to play poker you will realise an essential part of being a skilled poker player is the art of bluffing. Ladies have a massive advantage here as they often bluff about how much a pair of shoes cost, or whether their new handbag was on sale. So men had better watch out as women poker players start off as bluffing pros!

Bluffing is an art and it’s used to make other players believe your hand is far better than it actually is. By bluffing correctly and knowing when to take advantage and pull the ultimate bluff, players can win hands and make a lot of money. Knowing when to bluff is very important and it’s a matter of playing your cards right to ensure you achieve the best results.

Bluffing can be used in a variety of scenarios but is used to its best advantage when someone else has a good hand, if a player who is looking to fold anyway needs some extra encouragement or if you are at a tight table. Avoid bluffing too often as you may become easy prey for other players who have worked out your strategy. When you bluff, try to ensure you do not do in the same kinds of spots all the time as you may be creating a pattern that can easily be noticed.

Successful bluffs can drastically increase your Texas poker winnings and by bluffing from a late position at a high-limit table you can maximise the impact of it your way to the top.

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