Poker Strategy

Betting on the Best Hands for Texas Hold em

Betting for Beginners – When to bet with perfect hands for texas hold em The first rule of online Texas poker is to not be too cute. Beginners may have watched their heroes and heroines duke it out on television, bluffing with weak hands for texas hold em, moving all-in and trash-talking their way to success, but the online game is different from the real-world game. Being cute usually resul... »

Women Poker Strategy: Up Your Game by Adding Competitive Edge

    Online Poker Levels the Playing Field for Women Poker Poker is arguably the most intense, skilful and rewarding card game played today. But to many women poker is off limits, not because the game is too difficult or aggressive, but because it is dominated by men. Equality In casinos around the world, women have struggled to shatter poker’s glass ceiling. No woman, for instance,... »

How to Play Poker: When to go All-in

How to Play Poker: Does Fortune Favour the Brave or the Stupid? When people learn how to play poker online, which is somewhat different from learning in real-world clubs and casinos, they often attempt to emulate the professionals. Televised games from the World Series of Poker (WSOP) and European Poker Tour (EPT) are popular among viewers in the UK, which is home to many thousands of amateur play... »

Online Texas Poker | When Should Players Lay Down a Good Hand?

    Online Texas Poker | Folding Strategies Online Texas poker can be an aggressive game, just as aggressive in fact as the sort played in casinos around the world. But online players are disadvantaged in at least one respect: they cannot see each other (with the obvious exception of online strip poker, which really doesn’t count). Without being able to look at their opponents̵... »

Top Tips for When to Fold

Knowing when to fold is vital to your long-term poker success and players who accept that folding is often the best option when they don’t have a strong hand will win more money in the end. The top women poker players have mastered the art of when to fold and know that admitting defeat early on is often far better than trying to represent a stronger hand and failing. Beginners will fast lear... »