Women in Poker

Enter $100,000 Premium Giveaway to win cash prizes with Poker at bet365

    Play on Poker at bet365 exclusive Premium Tables now for double the chance to win cash prizes in $100,000 Premium Giveaway, which runs from 20th August until 19th September. There are 350 cash prizes to be won every day in $100,000 Premium Giveaway and for the chance to win you just need to get prize draw tickets for each day’s draw. You get tickets simply by playing poker; play on P... »

Plan your strategy and learn poker hand rankings like these pro women poker players!

      Start learning the basics such as poker hand rankings with PokerPinups and you could one day be taking on some of these women pro poker players! Female poker players are becoming more and more prevalent in big tournaments and recently there has been a marked increase in ladies playing online. With so many sites dedicated to teaching poker terminology, offering strategy advice ... »

Poker Women of the Week!

    Poker Women Winning Online and in Live Tournaments With EPT Season 9 all wrapped up in Monte Carlo, it’s safe to say that the top poker women definitely made their mark at this tournament. Vanessa Selbst, the world’s top female poker tournament earner, made her presence felt when she was leading the final 12 on day two of the EPT Grand Final  25,000 High Roller event. By ... »

Online Play Leads the Way for Beginner Women Poker Players!

        Beginner Women Poker Players Learning to Play Online For beginner women poker players the internet has made it so much easier to learn how to play poker. Sites such as 888poker, 32Red Poker and Bet365 now offer incredible beginners’ games and free poker chips for practice, allowing ladies to discover just how exciting and entertaining this great card game is at ab... »

The Number of Women Playing Poker is on the Rise!

                    Women Playing Poker and Kicking Ass! The increase in the number of women playing poker over the years has been dramatic and it’s thanks to thick-skinned ladies such as Barbara Enright who have made the game more accessible for women around the globe. Statistics show a massive increase over the last few years of the number ... »

Womens Poker Focus

Womens Poker – Top Ladies Winning Big It’s been a phenomenal month for both live games and womens poker online. The ladies have made a serious impression on the poker scene and are fast becoming respected opponents at the table. In womens poker online, the Pokerstars’ Women’s Sunday continues to draw in big crowds, with 272 players starting in last week’s field. Howev... »

News from the Female Poker Players of the Week

    Female Poker Pros Giving It Their All This week the news has been filled with the EPT 9 Berlin winners and female poker online has taken a back seat to the live games that are currently monopolising newsfeeds all over the internet. Players and fans have watched some seriously tense games and there have been some big winners emerging from the final tables. The MPC Red Dragon is curren... »

Ladies Poker Results and More Poker News of The Week

    This Week’s Poker News: Ladies Poker, Online and Live Results… EPT 9 Berlin is well under way and the  5,300 buy-in Main Event is in full swing. Giving ladies poker online and live a bit of a PR boost is Liv Boeree, who is still going strong in a field of 136. EPT 9 will dominate the news next week, but let’s look at some other recent big winners. Also in Berlin, th... »

Women Poker Strategy: Up Your Game by Adding Competitive Edge

    Online Poker Levels the Playing Field for Women Poker Poker is arguably the most intense, skilful and rewarding card game played today. But to many women poker is off limits, not because the game is too difficult or aggressive, but because it is dominated by men. Equality In casinos around the world, women have struggled to shatter poker’s glass ceiling. No woman, for instance,... »

Succeeding as a Female Poker Player

    Hooray for the Female Poker Player! For years, poker was considered a man’s game and there were very few a female poker player who dared take part. Fortunately, times have changed and the anonymity of the internet has played a bit part in helping women learn how to play poker and perfect their skills. These days you will find a host of female poker players at live and online to... »

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