Getting Started in Online Poker

These days getting started in poker is easy and more and more women are discovering just how entertaining and exciting this great game can be. Poker may have previously been a very male-dominated game, but with the popularity of online poker games women can play and learn anonymously or join a ladies’ poker game and play with other women who have the same goal in mind.

To get started, find a site that will teach you the basics and provide information on how the game works. Top sites such as Bet365 offer free advice on games and players can access tables that are specifically geared towards beginners. Across the net you will find many sites that feature poker tips and strategies from the top female players and it won’t take you long to be inspired by ladies such as Liv Boeree, Vicky Coren and Linda Johnson.

Pokerstars is also a great site to help get you started and the free games available offer the perfect platform for anyone who wants to practise. Ladies can “buy” poker chips and start playing without paying a cent, giving them the ideal opportunity to build up their skills and confidence. Anyone who wants to learn more and understand everything about the game can also conduct some online research. There are plenty of poker articles that cater to both beginner and intermediate players. The free games, free poker chips, tips, strategies and advice on offer make it easy for ladies to get a head start and show the men how it’s done!

Ladies who have built up their skills and are ready to bet their poker chips in a real game often begin playing in women-only tournaments. This allows them to test their skills against other players with a similar mindset and to build up their confidence before playing in mixed poker games.

Women-only poker tournaments are great fun and often the pay-outs grow to a very healthy amount, but ladies can be at a disadvantage if they only stick to these games. Taking on the men at poker can be so satisfying. It has been proven that men and women play very different games, so playing in a mixed tournament against men will benefit a lady’s game play and improve her strategies and skill.

Make use of the best poker tips, secrets and strategies found online and develop your skill to help you win big. Grab your poker chips and start playing now to give the men a run for their money!

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