Get Started – The Basics of Poker

How to Play Poker - Our Advice


Ok you’re all set for your first online poker game. So far you know what kind of poker you’re going to be playing (No Limit Texas Hold ‘em) what the hands are, you know how much entry is, what the blinds will start at, how many chips you will have to start with and what the basic terms mean like checkcall, bet and raise.

Get started – our advice is to position yourself the furthest player from the small blind so you won’t have to use any of your chips unless you want to on the first hand giving you a chance to settle in and watch the action without it costing you.

Here is where you get our first bit a real quality advice – it may be a let down but forget it and you will never be sitting at the WSOP  in your life. To play poker at a high level you need to have patience, I dont mean a little bit and then go for it I mean bucket loads.

​Some of the best players I have seen online might play 3 – 4 hands in the first hour of a big tournament. Thats 3 – 4 times that they call or raise before the flop - meaning that the rest of the time they are sitting at the poker table they are just waiting and being patient. As you can imagine quite often (but not always as we will discuss) its these types of players that join you at the final table in a big tournament.

Practice makes perfect! Get started – take our advice and Try out your new skills at bet365.

So you know the golden rule and your expecting to fold most of your cards but exactly which cards are the ones to fold?





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