As a new player can I win?

With the help of Poker Pin-ups, beginners guide to poker for women, the answer is a big YES! The fact that there are so many new poker players joining the various online poker rooms such as bet365 is a good thing for you as we will aim to give you a slight edge with our own personal experiences from spending a lot of time playing poker online. The amount of newbies means there are plenty of opportunities for you to enter into a game of poker where the rest of the people at the table have a lower amount of skill than you do – one big thing to remember is that if the skill level at your table is beyond you don’t feel any less for moving on to another opportunity there is no loss of pride to be felt here only a loss of money for staying when you are outgunned.

We would suggest concentrating on Texas Hold em and most of our site is geared towards this form of poker as it is the most popular form so if you get into this type of poker then getting a game at a poker room near you should not be a problem – try out a freeroll tournament at Poker Room to start you off.

Open an account with Poker at bet365 today to enjoy the benefit of a fantastic $1,000 New Player Bonus. bet365 gives you a 200% bonus on the amount of your first deposit/transfer, up to a maximum of $1,000.



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