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Kathleen H. Liebert was born on October 1st, 1967 in Nashville, Tennessee and was raised in Long Island, New York. She is now one of the top women poker players in the world and in 2002 she became the first women to win $1 million at the Party Poker Million event. A graduate of Marist College in Poughkeepsie, Kathy studied business and finance and after graduation she began working at Dun and Bradstreet and dabbled in the stock market. Her stock-market investments paid off and she quit her job to travel and explore other career opportunities.

Kathy learned to play poker at a young age and enjoyed regular nickel and dime games with her parents and their friends at home. After she left her job and started travelling, she made a stopover in Las Vegas, where she played her first ever casino poker games. From Vegas she travelled to Colorado and was soon invited to become a paid prop player. A friend noticed Kathy’s talent and skill and persuaded her to move from playing as a prop to trying tournament poker and she moved back to Vegas, where she came second in her first Omaha Hi-Lo tournament. This started the ball rolling and from there Kathy developed her skills to become one of the top women poker players and a formidable opponent at tables across the world.

Kathy’s poker career really took off in Vegas and she made $34,000 in her first two tournaments. To date she has achieved around $5 million in winnings and won a World Series of Poker bracelet in 2004 in the $1,500 Limit Hold’em Shootout. In addition to her bracelet, she also took home $ 110,180 from the WSOP tournament and became one of the top women poker players of all time. In addition to this prestigious win, Kathy has made a name for herself in many other tournaments and made very successful appearances in popular televised games. Appearing regularly on Poker SuperStars, Poker Royale and Travel Channels’ World Poker Tour, Kathy has made a major contribution to boosting the acceptance of women players in a previously male-dominated game.

Kathy’s achievements have been remarkable and she has a flair for many casino games, but poker remains her favourite. She currently spends her time between her homes in Nevada and California and still invests in the stock market. She continues to aim for her ultimate goal of being the first woman to win the World Poker Tournament and with her skill and talent it’s a definite possibility.



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