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Learn to Play Poker Like The Enigmatic Cyndy Violette

There’s nothing shrinking about this Violette! Cyndy Violette was born in Queens on August 19, 1959 and decided to learn to play poker as a child to join in the games played by her family members. When she was 12 her family moved to Las Vegas and once she reached the legal age she started working in a local casino. Cyndy credits her time as a poker and blackjack dealer in the 1980s as a vital factor in her success as she learnt how to read people and become hyper-aware of their reactions to a hand. Learn to play poker.

Long before it was fashionable or easy for women to learn to play poker, Cyndy was playing the game. In 1984 she had a cash in a tournament in Lake Tahoe and decided to use her winnings to fund her professional poker career. Shortly afterwards, she took the first prize of $74,000 in a tournament in Las Vegas and was well on her to way to success. This was the biggest cash ever recorded for a female player at that time. This win cemented the fact that although she comes across as a bubbly little blonde, she is able to hold her own with even the toughest players. Learn to play poker.

In 1990, after a two-year hiatus, she returned to the tables and won $62,000 in a tournament at Caesar’s Palace and in 1993 she moved to Atlantic City to work the poker circuit and play in the WSOP and WPT. Her biggest achievement to date is her 2004 win at the WSOP, when she won a bracelet in the Seven-Card-Stud Hi-Lo event. In 2005 she came second in a WSOP No Limit Hold’em event. She now plays both online and live poker and in 2010 her winnings exceeded $1,200,000, $845,609 of which came from her 29 cashes at WSOP events. Learn to play poker.

Cyndy has been married twice and has an adult daughter, Shannon. She splits her time between L.A. and Las Vegas and is eager for other women to follow her lead and learn to play poker and enjoy the game. She may not look like a stereotypical poker player as she embraces a holistic and spiritual lifestyle, but this is something Cyndy thinks helps her to win as she is very in tune with her body and mind. Her unusual lifestyle makes her one of the most popular players on the circuit and she is still very much in demand nearly 20 years after her first big win.

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