Lucille Cailly

lucille cailly,poker pinups,women in poker,poker chicksBorn on July the 17th, 1982 in Puveaux, France, Lucille Cailly has spent the last five years setting the poker circuit on fire. Lucille started playing poker only a few short years ago when her roommates encouraged her to join in their weekly SNGs and quickly took to the game, showing a natural ability to beat her opponents with her disarming smile and charm.

After a break-up Lucille decided to pursue her poker dream and jumped on a flight to Las Vegas, where she met French poker pro Manuel Bevand. With Bevand’s influence, Lucille honed her skills and spent hours playing online tournaments. She also dabbled in poker journalism, writing live updates for WPTs and EPTS.

A series of MTT wins convinced Lucille to start a full-time poker career and the former epistemology student now mostly plays online and takes part in a few live tournaments every year. One of her dreams has been to play in the WSOP poker tournament and she has made this a reality twice.

Lucille’s biggest moment in her live poker career came recently, when she made EPT Monte Carlo history. On Day 4 Lucille became the first woman to get to the final table in a Pokerstars’ EPT Grand Final. The blonde Frenchwoman certainly made an impact and her fans on the rail all donned blonde wigs in a show of support and encouragement. Winning the biggest payout of her career and taking a giant step forward for women in poker, she finished a phenomenal second overall with  1,050,000. Lucille was thrilled with her placing, especially considering she beat Isabelle Mercier’s record for best finish for a woman player in a Grand Final, when Mercier came 10th.

Lucille may have only been playing poker for a few years, in comparison to other female pros, but she has twice played in the WSOP poker tournament. Her first entry was in 2011 in Event 43, a No-Limit Hold ‘em game which saw her take home $3,779 and place 153rd. In 2012 she played in the WSOP in Las Vegas and won $ 3,932, placing 185th in the No Limit Hold ‘em event. Both were huge achievements for someone who learnt poker in a shared living room and had played very few live tournaments.

Lucille’s total tournament winnings currently sit at an impressive $1,624,944. Based in La DDfense, near Paris, she is now a full-time poker pro who aims to sit at the final table of the WSOP Main Event and beat her achievements in previous Deauville EPTs from 2010 and 2012.



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