Poker Strategy Tips for Women

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Women and men are equals at the poker table. But women can employ a few poker strategy tricks that work well on men who might not have seen it all before (and possibly on some who have). Poker strategy.

Battle of the Sexes

When men play against women poker can become a markedly different game. Men rarely enjoy losing to women and many go so far as to doubt the credentials of their female counterparts. Misogyny has no place in poker, but it exists nonetheless. And women can use it to their advantage as part of their poker strategy.

Female poker players such as Jennifer Tilly, Vanessa Rousso and Liv Boeree understand the game as well as any man, but crucially they know how to make the most of their physical attributes. Providing a persistent distraction at the poker table is one thing, but female poker players can also benefit from their greatest asset: being underestimated by men. Poker strategy.

For many women poker is still a man’s game, at least in clubs and casinos around the world. But a woman who is underestimated by her male rivals is dangerous at the table. To make the most of this, women can act ‘loose’ but play ‘tight’ as part of their poker strategy. That means routinely bluffing before the flop by appearing indecisive, but never betting on a weak hand. Women do not need to let men know that they know what they are doing, though a cool approach works for players such as Annette Obrestad. Poker strategy.


Tilly advises women to employ an aggressive strategy against men, making sure they never “limp in” or show their cards.

Limping into the flop with strong hole cards usually drags several other players along for the ride. Professional players prefer heads-up showdowns. Betting aggressively with a good hand also increases the relative value of strong positions; female players should not be too cute at the table, as maximising a pre-flop advantage almost always beats check-calling an opponent to the river.

As for mucking hole cards, the rule applies to all players. By revealing folded hands to others, players risk giving away vital information about their style of play. Female players should never show their cards because doing so tells men exactly what they need to know.

Body Language

Though difficult in online poker, reading the body language of opponents is a skill that many women find easy to master. But female players should be careful not to reveal too much about themselves, either. At least not in terms of body language! The golden rule is to keep men guessing.

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