PokerPinups Chats with Pro Poker Player and Shoe Lover Beth Shak!

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PokerPinups caught up with professional playing woman of poker Beth Shak, read her top WSOP tips and poker plans plus find out what she’s been up to in life away from the poker table!



Can you tell us how you first got into playing poker and how you decided to become a professional poker player? Beth Shak.

I started playing poker because my ex husband took it up as a hobby I thought it would be good for our marriage if I took up the same hobby. Beth Shak.

What are your poker plans for the rest of this year? Beth Shak.

I’m hoping to play a few events at the WSOP. I’ve taken a few years off due to personal reasons and scheduling of other business commitments. Beth


What do you consider your biggest achievement so far as a poker player and what ambitions do you still want to fulfil? Beth Shak.

My biggest achievement is making three WSOP final tables. The ladies, the 3k no limit and the Omaha in Africa. I still would like a WSOP bracelet one day.

Beth Shak.

Where do you spend most of your time at the moment? Beth Shak.

I spend most of my time in Philly or NYC where I’m working on a shoe line. I also have two kids that live at home with me. Beth Shak.

Can you share your best WSOP memory with us? Beth Shak.

My best memory is really getting through a field of over 900 people in the 3k no limit and making down to two, It’s surreal. Beth Shak.

Do you stay for the full month and half of the WSOP usually and how do you pick and choose the events you enter. 

I have no desire to move to Vegas again for a month. I’ll always pick and choose a few events. I want a well balanced life.

What are your top three WSOP tips for a newbie?   

Patience, skill and most of all LUCK.

Do you think attitudes towards women poker players are changing and what advice would you give to women starting out in poker?

I think attitudes towards women in poker have changed. I would say give it a try. It’s not a physical sport.

What poker players do you look up to?

Phil Ivey still amazes me at his consistency and Vanessa Selbst how could you not? 

How would you describe your style and approach to poker?

My approach is never give up. If I’m still in it anything can happen. 

Here at PokerPinups we love iconic Pinup Girls and we love shoes! So we’ve been eyeing up some of the fabulous shoes in your collection and we’re loving the fact that you have named your shoes after iconic women such as Oprah, Angelina and Whitney. What made you come up with this idea?

Women in life have inspired me for different reasons. Muti tasking to raise a family and try and have a successful career is no easy accomplishment.

What are the main projects you are working on at the moment?

Right now my main goal is to get both my kids placed in two good colleges. I’m working on my shoe line but they’re still my main priority.


beth shak, women poker, poker pinups,poker interviewThanks so much for talking to PokerPinups today Beth and all the best of luck to you! Read Beth’s PokerPinups player profile here.


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