Self Confidence in Life, Self Confidence in Poker

self confidence,poker strategy,beginner poker,poker pinups,betsy blackBetsy Black one of our resident Poker Pinup Girls, gives her advice on how to achieve self confidence at the felt and beyond!

Self confidence is key! 

Are you a strong, confident, independant woman or are these qualities that you have always aspired to posess? Self confidence.

In life we face challenges every day that require various strengths from within. This is also true in poker. Every time you sit down at the poker table you must find an inner self confidence. Part of poker is trying to make your opponents feel weak, like you have the upper hand. Yes, of course you need skill in poker too. If you’re serious about becoming a top poker player you should be studying the game from when you first start playing all the way through to becoming an expert. Even the world’s top players still take the time to study their game on a regular basis. This is how they got to where they are today…skill and self confidence. When you feel confident you feel like you can take the world on. You feel sure about the decisions you’re making and you feel brave enough to make bold moves. Lose some of that confidence and you can feel like a beginner all over again. Similar to social situations, a loss of self confidence can make you feel like you have reverted back to being a child, like you’re not sure what you’re doing there and don’t know whether you’re making the right choices etc. Your opponent will see right through you when you’re nervy or on edge, they will see that you’re not confident about your hand and you’re not confident about your decisions. They will walk all over you. Self confidence.

Obviously, the more experienced you become as a poker player, the more confident you will feel. The more games you win, the more confident you will feel. However, every poker player will go through losing streaks. You have to take the rough with the smooth. It’s not as much fun to feel like you’re losing all the time and not getting anywhere. During these times it makes sense to take a step back and chill. Take the opportunity to study your game, learn some new strategy ideas, read about some of your favourite poker pros experiences. You will come through the other side. This is also true in your everyday life outside of poker. When you take a knock use your bad experiences as a learning curve and remember that life goes on, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and carry on. Self confidence.

Once you have inner self confidence you will be ready to take on the toughest opponents in life and at the poker table. Here are some of our top tips to feeling confident in yourself:

Get plenty of sleep, exercise and have a healthy diet. This might sound like common sense and one of those things that women’s magazines are always banging on about but it’s true. Your lifestyle affects your self confidence. If you are tired you are not on top form. You can’t concentrate properly and feel sluggish. Definitely not in the right frame of mind to be making bold moves. In order to be confident you need to be able to think clearly, you don’t want to feel fuzzy, foggy and sleepy. Exercise will make you feel motivated, give you energy, keep your metabolism fired up and will make you feel better about yourself in general. A healthy diet will have a similar impact, increased energy levels, extra brain power, general amazingness!

Be Body Language Aware. Don’t slouch, stand tall, sit up straight. Make eye contact. Speak loud and clear without too many uhhhh’s and ummmm’s. Smile and the world smiles with you! It’s true, a friendly smile puts others at ease and makes you seem more approachable and laid back. You can even use this friendly smile to lull your poker opponents into a false sense of security!

Know Your Stuff. If you know what you’re doing, it goes without saying that you’ll be more confident. Set yourself goals. Whether these goals are for your poker education or your life, setting and achieving goals makes you feel like a winner! When you first start playing poker the thought of sitting down opposite Vanessa Selbst or Phil Helmuth may seem terrifying but that’s not to say it would be impossible! By setting yourself goals and taking baby steps, you’re not focussing on the massive end result too much and therefore it’s less daunting. Before you know it you’ll be beating the pros! Also, by knowing where your strengths and weaknesses lie you can concentrate more on what you’re best at, and try and improve on your weaknesses. Don’t beat yourself up about not being perfect at everything, no one is!

Positive Things Happen to Positive People. Yes, bad things can happen in life but it is important to try not to let yourself get dragged down. Try your hardest to turn negatives into a positive and always look for a silver lining. It may sound like a cliche but it’s true. If you drown yourself in all the negative things that happen to you in life you will feel stressed and helpless. If you look closely at things that have gone wrong in your life you should probably be able to work out why they happened, learn from your mistakes and make sure you turn the situation around. Optimists believe that they can control events in their life and bring about positive outcomes from any situation. A positive outlook on life will instil self confidence. This will no doubt help your game of poker also because lets face it, you’re not going to win every time!

Remember to Breathe! Good breath control will help your nerves. Taking relaxed, calm, deep breaths will make you feel relaxed and calm. It reminds your nervous system that you are in control.

Always Look Your Best! If you’re in a situation where you are face to face with others and you want to feel confident it is important that you present yourself in the best way you can. You won’t feel confident if you look like you’ve just rolled out of bed! Take pride in your appearance, looks aren’t everything but make the most of what you’ve got. That’s the number one rule of being a Poker Pinup Girl!

How you portray yourself to others counts for a lot. Self confidence comes naturally to some whilst others have to work harder at it, but follow these tips and it will help improve your outlook on what you can achieve. You may surprise yourself!

Self confidence.

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