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One of the world’s sexiest women in poker?

Women in poker.

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One of the most successful women in poker, Vanessa Rousso has often been voted the world’s sexiest female poker player. But she’s far more than just a pretty face. This French-American poker pro has already collected over $3.5 million in winnings and is ranked in the top three female tournament earners. Born February 5th, 1983, Vanessa Ashley Rousso started playing professional poker in 2005 and has had an illustrious career over the following years. Women in poker.

In addition to being a high roller and top tournament earner, Vanessa helps others learn to play poker and runs a boot-camp-style training school where she teaches strategy and theory based on Sun Tzu’s famous book The Art of War. She is a recognised poker teacher and has helped many players achieve success both in the online and live spheres. Also known by her online name of “Lady Maverick”, Vanessa is a member of the elite Team Pokerstars and has appeared in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. She was married to poker player Chad Brown, whom she met at the poker tables. Vanessa and Chad were at one time the first ever married couple to compete in the same online poker team. Women in poker.

Not just known for her poker prowess and modelling achievements, Vanessa was her high-school class valedictorian and graduated from Duke University in 2003. She then went on to study law at the University of Miami and it was during a summer break that she became a serious poker player. If you want to learn to play poker Vanessa’s teachings are some of the best to follow and her excellent education and law background give her a great advantage when it comes to developing strategies and thinking logically. Women in poker.

Vanessa was encouraged to learn to play poker for fun at the age of five and many years later, when she started playing seriously she was still considered a minor. Being too young to play in casinos, Vanessa started playing online and by the age of 21, when she was allowed to go into casinos, she began avidly entering every tournament and competition she could find. Her first win in a professional event was in June 2005 at a No Limit Hold ‘em Series in the gambling capital of the world; Las Vegas. She never looked back and her most spectacular performances to date have been placing first at a WPT Event Season 5 and at Season 5 of the Pokerstars EPT at Monte Carlo. Women in poker.

Vanessa ranks highly in the list of female tournament winners, but has yet to claim a bracelet or major title and this remains one of her biggest desires.

Getting started in poker is simple and sites such as Bet365 and 888poker allow you to play for free, giving you the chance to practise and learn strategies and implement the tips that can be found online. Why not start your poker career today and climb the ranks to join an elite and growing group of women poker pros? Women in poker.




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