The Rise of Women in Poker

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There’s been a marked increase in the last few years of woman bluffing their way to the top and making a noise in the poker community. It was previously a man’s domain, but ladies are now becoming more interested in poker and are taking the tables by storm. Many establishments have noted the rise in the number of woman players and Ladies Only poker tournaments with high-roller prizes are becoming more and more prevalent. Women’s poker leagues and tournaments are readily available and the increased interest from the fairer sex has seen many men shake in their boots.

Poker is a tough game and being a woman in such a male-oriented environment isn’t always easy.Women poker pros have had to work hard for recognition in a predominantly male world, but with the ever growing number of games targeting ladies, this is fast changing. The increased availability of poker games on the internet has allowed women to play in an anonymous environment where they can practise their skills in a gender-free arena. The anonymity of the internet has assisted manywomen poker pros climb the ranks, stepping on a few fragile male egos along the way when their true identity is revealed.

Women have had to prove themselves at the poker tables purely because of their gender. This often makes them more determined. As poker-pro Clonie Gowan has observed, it’s important for women to win when they play poker or else they will be criticised for just trading on their looks.

One of the most famous women poker pros is Annie Duke and although she has often debated the reasons for having separate ladies’ poker tournaments, she also admits that taking on the men hasn’t been easy but the challenge and the ability to use feminine charms make it so much fun.

Getting started in poker is easy as there are hundreds of quality online sites that offer free-play games which are perfect for unlimited practice. Women poker pros have built up their skills and strategy thanks to hours of practice and by studying the game. Everyone has to start somewhere and Annie Duke was lucky enough to have the support of her brother, Howard Lederer, a professional poker player. But for those of us without a poker pro in the family, the internet or a beginners’ poker league is the best way to get into a great game.
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